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Coordinated Access Steering Committee

According to the charter, this committee is responsible for developing, monitoring the progress and impact of, and periodically recommending any necessary revisions to an implementation plan for a coordinated access and assessment system for all homeless and prevention resources. This committee will also create 19 recommendations for written standards for eligibility, assessment, prioritization for all CoC and ESG program types that will be included in future Charter updates.

To learn more about the Coordinated Access Steering Committee, please contact co-chairs Pete Toepfer and Katie Durrah. If you would like to submit materials for posting on the CoC webpages, please use the submission form here: Items are posted every Friday.   

Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017
Minutes, Pt. 1
Minutes, Pt. 2

December 2016

August 2016