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Chicago Task Force on Homeless Youth

Chicago Task Force on Homeless Youth

According to the charter, the Chicago Task Force on Homeless Youth will create a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate menu of services for youth who experience homelessness in order to prevent homeless youth from becoming the next generation of homeless adults. 

To learn more about the Chicago Task Force on Homeless Youth, please contact committee chair Jeri Linas

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

April 24, 2017
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Materials

CTFHY Meeting Minutes - 7/7/2016

Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)

On August 2016, HUD announced the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). CoCs are encouraged to apply to be selected as one of the 10 communities to participate. HUD will select up to ten communities, four of which will be rural communites. If selected, each community can apply for between $1 million to 15 million for new innovative youth programming. The Chicago Task Force on Homeless Youth created a working group named YHDP subcommitte which included members of the Task Force and key stakeholders. Below is a listing of the YHDP subcommittee members. 

YHDP Members

The YHDP subcommittee begun to meet at the end of August till November to develop the YHDP process, responses to the YHDP NOFA and selected the lead agency. Please refer to the minutes below to learn about meetings discussions.

YHDP Minutes

YHDP Meeting Minutes - 8/30/2016
YHDP Meeting Minutes - 9/7/2016
YHDP Meeting Minutes - 9/22/2016
YHDP Meeting Minutes - 10/13/2016
YHDP Meeting Minutes - 10/28/2016

In October 2016, the CoC Board approved the motion to empower the Chicago Task Force to select the lead agency and development of Chicago's responses to the YHDP NOFA. The YHDP subcommittee created the YHDP NOFA Draft and recommendation for the Lead Agency.  The Chicago Task Force met on November 15, 2016 to review the YHDP NOFA Draft and recommendations. The Chicago Task Force voted unanimously in favor of the YHDP NOFA Draft and Lead Agency Selection. All Chicago received edits from the Chicago Task Force and created the finalized Chicago YHDP Proposal (see below). All Chicago successfully submitted the YHDP Proposal on November 30, 2017. 

Chicago YHDP NOFA Proposal 
Chicago YHDP NOFA Attachments
Chicago YHDP NOFA Attachments also included the Chicago CoC Structure, Chicago Plan 2.0, Chicago Program Models Chart and the "I Am In" Campaign

Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

In response to the YHDP NOFA, Chicago created a Youth Advisory Board (YAB). In October 2016, the YAB Application was shared with service providers to nominate a youth to serve on the Board. Eligible youth had to meet the following criteria: be between the ages 16 and 24, is either currently experiencing homelessness or has some history of experiencing homelessness and be nominated by a youth serving agency. All Chicago received the applications and is pleased to inform 12 youth were selected to serve. The YAB has met and revied the YHDP NOFA Draft and provided feedback. YAB will continue to meet and provide recommendations to the Chicago Task Force on formalizing this newly created Board into the CoC Governance Structure. If you would like additional information on the YAB, please contact the CoC team at

Download the 2018 YAB member application here.