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Who can become a CoC member?

A CoC member is any individual or organization* with an interest in understanding and addressing the issues related to homelessness, and a desire to participate in some way in the City of Chicago’s coordinated plan to end homelessness.

*Please note that for voting purposes at semi-annual All CoC Meetings, there is one vote per organization.  That means that multiple individuals from an organization can attend the meetings, but there is only one vote per organization on voting decisions.

To learn more about CoC membership, please contact

Current CoC Members

List of Current CoC Members: To view the list of current CoC Members, please click here to go to the Chicago CoC membership portal.  Any member or non-member may click on the "Organization Member List" header to view the list of member organizations and click on the "Individual Member List" header to view the list of individuals that have membership.  These lists are populated by the Wild Apricot membership software used by the Chicago CoC and reflect current, real-time status. 

Online Member Portal: Any person with membership may click here to login to the member portal and access features such as discussion forums and a directory that contains individual and agency-level information.  The main agency contact may manage the membership account to allow multiple users to access the portal.  This is called "bundling."  Please click here for an overview of the features in the portal and instructions on how to add additional users from your agency into the member portal.  

Membership Information

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Agreement with the mission, values and goals of the CoC. **
  • Attendance at semi-annual public CoC meetings
  • Participation in advocacy initiatives
  • Pay annual dues, if applicable

Membership Benefits:

  • Invitation to semi-annual open CoC meetings
  • $100 credit toward Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) trainings for organizations
  • CoC orientation
  • Voting rights on issues of CoC
  • Eligible for committee and board service
  • Access to training and technical assistance opportunities
  • Access to CoC information via special website portal and CoC listservs
  • Opportunities to network with people doing similar work


The Chicago Continuum of Care carries out its Mission through a set of Core Values that guide its governance:

  • Clear and logical governance processes, structures and lines of accountability.
  • Transparent decision making that makes the greatest possible use of data.
  • Open, accessible, inclusive Continuum of Care that includes all stakeholders and allies needed to achieve the goals of the Plan to End Homelessness.
  • Compliance with federal requirements for Continuums of Care.
  • Communication between all members, committees, and bodies that make up the Continuum of Care.
  • Flexibility to respond to emerging ideas and challenges.


These Core Values are incorporated into the Goals of the Chicago Continuum of Care that include:

  • Provide funding for efforts by nonprofit and faith-based providers, and state and local governments to prevent homelessness when possible and quickly rehouse homeless individuals and families while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused to homeless individuals, families, and communities by homelessness
  • Promote access to and effective utilization of mainstream programs and resources by homeless individuals and families
  • Optimize self-sufficiency among individuals and families experiencing homelessness


If you are a CoC Member and wish to join a commission, please reach out to the contacts listed below.  

Lived Experience Commission 

According to the charter, this commission is a coalition of individuals who are receiving or have received services from Chicago’s homeless system, people who were formerly homeless or people at risk of becoming homeless. This commission was formed to ensure an organized voice for those with lived experience of homelessness. 

To learn more about the Lived Experience Commission, please contact Larry Smith or

Service Providers Commission 

Mission: The Service Providers Commission is an organized voice for the homeless service providers to ensure continuous improvement of the homeless service system in the City of Chicago.

Purpose: 1) Establish strong, positive collaboration with the HUD Chicago Continuum of Care (CoC);  2) Establish strong, positive, collaboration with public and private funders, policy makers, and corporations; 3) Effectively influence public policy related to homeless services through advocacy; 4) Significantly increase public and private financial resources for service providers.

If interested in becoming a member of the Service Providers Commission please email to express your interest and your agency’s contact information and one of the officers from the Commission will respond to your email.