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Working Together to End Homelessness in Chicago

Working Together to End Homelessness in Chicago

All Chicago collaborates with a vast network of partners – nonprofits, foundations, corporations, consumers, donors, and multiple systems of care – as a dedicated and unified team committed to the common vision of a home for everyone in Chicago. This large scale collaboration between diverse entities and individuals working towards a shared goal is commonly known as collective impact.

Our Donors

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the support of hundreds of individuals, foundations, and corporations committed to addressing the issue of homelessness in Chicago. We carry out our mission hand-in-hand with our contributors and greatly appreciate their donations, time, and advice.

Chicago Continuum of Care (CoC)

The CoC is a community-driven collaborative of service providers, government agencies, funders, advocates, and people who are homeless or formerly homeless, all committed to addressing homelessness in Chicago. The Chicago CoC is a cohesive and highly-functioning body of partners touted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as one of the best modeled CoCs in the country.

Lived Experience Commission

The Lived Experience Commission (LEC) is one of All Chicago’s greatest strengths. Comprised of advocates who have been consumers of homeless services in Chicago, we ensure that their voices are heard and input sought in decisions that affect homeless services in Chicago. The LEC also nominates consumers to serve on our Board of Directors.

Emergency Fund Partners

The Emergency Fund works with a growing network of 30+ civic and human services agencies in Chicago to make our services accessible throughout the city. These agencies provide a range of services – child care, job training, food pantries, housing – in the communities they serve, and distribute our financial assistance to help people during difficult times.

Service Providers Commission

The Service Providers Commission (SPC) is a coalition of approximately 80 organizations providing homeless services and advocacy in Chicago. The SPC is actively involved in developing and implementing strategies, and offers a unified voice in fulfilling the community’s vision of a home for everyone. The SPC also nominates service providers to serve on our Board of Directors.

Government Agencies

Public partnerships are critical to the success of any large movement around a particular cause or issue. We are proud to work with so many government entities that recognize and value the collective expertise and tenacity of private sector organizations.

All Chicago is supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.